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About Jessie

Jessie grew up on a 100 year old heritage farm in Ontario.  Her family moved to Vancouver Island when she was a teen.  This was where she first began to take an interest in jewelry.  She started by taking classes at a rec centre and came into contact with a local artist who nurtured her budding passion. 

Simultaneously she educated herself in the sciences and received her bachelor’s degree in Biology.  She became a zookeeper and her interest in nature, biology and the arts became blended.  Furthering her zeal for the arts she enrolled in the Kooteney School of the Arts in 2005 where she received her diploma in the metal arts. 

In 2007 Jessie took up residence in Qualicum Beach at her family farm where she created her studio and continues to create her art.  On the farm she gardens and raises animals and all her history has culminated in producing jewelry that is strongly influenced by the west coast and rural atmosphere.  Her passion for her art and zeal for life emanates throughout her handcrafted pieces.


What We Create


Unique lockets with amazing, colorful patinas inside. For memorials or gifts. Always memorable.


Inspired by nature these pendants are truly one of a kind.


Earrings that are diverse in style and shape for all occasions.


Custom designs created for you based on your inspirations.

Exclusive Collection

Custom Made Lockets for Special Occasions
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Custom Designs Inspired by the Natural World

What we do

Unique Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry and Silversmithing

All jewelry is handcrafted using traditional metalsmithing techniques and tools. Each piece has been meticulously hand cut, textured, soldered and painstakingly assembled and finished.  Organic materials are often used to texture metals in unique patterns and many of the designs are inspired by the beautiful plants and animals surrounding me.  All of this resulting in one of a kind creations, shaped by nature.